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About Us

At Superior Technical Solutions Corp. (STSCO), we represent a portfolio of complementary component and assembly level solutions for customers involved in design and manufacturing of electronic, electromechanical and RF systems. As the manufacturers' representative for each of our principals, we provide a focused conduit for our customers to find the best solution for their design challenges. We support end user applications both directly and through our partner distributors (where applicable). With a strong knowledge of the products that we sell and a detailed knowledge of each application, we efficiently match key requirements with quality, cost effective and innovative solutions from our manufacturers.  We are an active member of the ERA (Electronic Reps Association), IEEE and the SMTA.

Products & Services

We offer solutions for board level and box/system level requirements covering a broad range of applications. Board level components such as custom and standard ICs, passives, relays, circuit protection devices, switches and LEDs enable our customers to implement cost effect and high performance applications. Box level products including fans, interconnection solutions, displays, sensors, membrane switch panels and other higher level assemblies help facilitate complete system level integration. Our broad range of RF solutions can support both military and commercial applications. We can provide the best solutions needed to succeed in today challenging requirements.

Mission Statement

  • Customers: To provide quality component solutions to OEMs, CMs and End Users with support on all aspects of design, procurement and delivery.
  • Principals: To provide comprehensive representation of each of our principals including promotion of products, support of applications and purchasing aspects as well as any follow up required for marketing feedback, quality assurance and management of distribution channels when applicable.
  • Distributors:To provide training and logistical support for sales through our partner distributors.


We support the following markets:
  • Industrial
  • Lighting
  • Instrumentation
  • Energy Generation
  • Military
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Multimedia
  • Communications
  • Security

Our Approach

We support your requirements with the following:
  • Samples
  • Quotations
  • Technical literature
  • Applications Support
  • Purchasing support

We appreciate the opportunity to support your requirements.

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